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Sit down, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy making music

Let's face it, there aren't a lot of choices for a true harp bench out there, and most options were certainly not designed with your comfort in mind or for complementing such a beautiful musical instrument such as the harp!

Like yourself, I am also a dedicated musician and know how distracting it can be to perform in uncomfortable situations. The last thing you need is to have to worry about how uncomfortable your harp bench is while performing.

I took special care in designing my harp bench 6 years ago, not by myself, but with the help of several good friends who are all professional harpists. I brought in many different sample cushion combinations of varied thicknesses, materials, and densities.

The ideal solution was one that now comes standard with every harp bench I create...a cushion that is supportive enough to stay stable if using a pedal harp, yet soft enough to allow for hours of practice at a time. This is something that most other "harp benches" just don't seem to offer, and I think you would agree it is most important!

You will also find that my harp benches are light in weight compared to most and are compact enough to throw in the back of your "harpmobile" with all of your other gear. I've loaded and unloaded enough harps in my day to know how crucial these features can be.

And to top it all off, you get to personally design your harp bench the way you want it! Some harpists have asked me to add personal touches to their harp bench to complement their harp by means of inlay work, leg design, wood mixing and stain color. Whereas, other harpists have sent me photos of their homes and interior furnishings and I have built harp benches to match those as well!

Please call or email me with questions or concerns and let me know what you are looking for...anything is possible!

Facts You Should Know Before Considering A Harp Bench

My Harp Benches Other Harp Benches
  • Handcrafted to order in Idaho
  • Factory made and imported
  • Portable and lightweight (10-15 lbs.)
  • Can weigh as much as 32 lbs.
  • Solidly Built using time tested joinery techniques
  • Legs often assembled with wing nuts which become wobbly and creaky over time
  • Available in ANY wood you want
  • Very limited wood choices resulting in different "finishes"
  • Available in ANY upholstery you want
  • Limited upholstery choices (usually naugahyde or vinyl)
  • Custom built in ANY size that suits you best
  • Unchangeable pre-determined sizes
  • Comfortable and supportive cushion with tapered edges to eliminate circulation loss in legs
  • Inadequate cushioning and in some cases a wraparound wooden frame that can cause leg discomfort
  • Customizable in design
  • Little to no custom design options offered
  • Able to match your harp with wood, finish, and design
  • Limited wood and design choices does not allow to match your harp properly
  • Able to conveniently store sheet music, tuners, etc. by means of storage compartment that comes standard with every harp bench
  • Usually no storage space in design and when storage is built in, the bench appears unproportional and "top heavy"
  • Personal helpful assistance direct from the craftsman
  • Impersonal assistance from customer representatives
  • Affordable
  • Comparable in price but for a harp bench of lesser quality, features, and options
  • Elegant & Beautiful
  • Typical & often contrasting to your harp
  • Guaranteed a lifetime!
  • ???

  • Please take a moment and read my recent article Finding Solutions: One Harp Bench At A Time for more harp bench information.

    Harp Bench Legs
    Select from 3 Harp Bench Leg Designs!
    Harp Bench Aprons
    Select from 3 Harp Bench Apron Designs!

    I have built harp benches and harp stools to match a variety of harps including: Dusty Strings Bubinga Celtic Harps, Triplett Bubinga Celtic Harps, Thormahlen Serenade Harps, Lyon & Healy 85's, Lyon & Healy Salzedo's, and even Aged Maple Lyon & Healy model #22 Gold Pedal Harps. Nearly any hardwood and stain combination is possible, so if you need a harp bench to match your harp, I can make it happen!

    Maple Harp Bench
    Other leg designs available like these Fluted Legs!

    Dear Ron,
    This is a follow-up to the vm message I left you on saturday after the arrival of my beautiful harp bench. I'm so glad i chose the glossy black with colonial aprons and black leather cushion...it is definitely a harp bench worthy of my gorgeous black Thormahlen Serenade! (in fact, i'm copying Sharon Thormahlen and my mentor, Rhett Barnwell, to let them know how perfect your bench is for the smaller thormahlen harps.) It is absolutely perfect...small and lightweight, but so solidly built. Your craftsmanship and customer service is unsurpassed...I appreciate so much your building it for my exact needs...and it was delivered in record time just for the holidays! I highly endorse BBR Woodworks for all musicians searching for a compact, comfortable and beautiful music bench! Congratulations on a job well done...you may add my name to your "most satisfied customer" list! Thank you again...and best wishes for a happy and successful new year 2007!
    Warmest Regards,
    Julianne - Georgia (High Gloss Ebony Harp Bench w/Colonial Aprons, Black Leather & Height Adjustment Pegs)

    Unlike many other harp stools on the market today that are only built from one or two woods and available in different "finishes", my products are built from the hardwood you choose. For example, if you would like a walnut harp bench, it will be handcrafted from SOLID Walnut. My harp benches have what so many furniture companies have lost......Real Wood! There is simply no comparison of a product built from the real thing to a product stained to appear like it and what better way to match your harp!

    And with my supportive and tapered 2 inch cushion built right to the edge of each bench, the sharp 90 degree angle that can cut off blood circulation in the legs is eliminated, thus giving you a comfortable platform to safely and painlessly practice your harp for hours!

    Click Here to see why my Harp Benches will be the "perfect fit" for you!

    Unsure of your ideal seating height? Height Adjustment Pegs can be added for only $25 to any harp bench to ease your mind of any uncertainties regarding height!

    Height Adjustment Pegs!

    Dear Ron,
    Thanks for the lovely harp bench....your workmanship is beautiful, the color looks great next to my harp, and the cushion is comfortable. At last I have a stool that is the right height so my back and shoulders can be positioned properly without balancing my harp precariously on books.
    Thank you!
    Cecile - Virginia (Maple Harp Bench w/Colonial Aprons & Tan Leather)

    Many thanks for the harp stool. It looks great, appears to be very well made, is light & small enough for easy transport, and most importantly is comfortable for playing, according to my daughter Robyn. She had a wedding to play the day after she received it, and reported that it worked very well! Again, Thanks.
    Harry - Ontario, Canada (Alder Harp Stool w/Colonial Aprons & Leather Upholstery)

    Adjustable Harp Stools Also Available!

    Prices: FREE SHIPPING!
    Harp Bench w/Fabric Cushion - $325
    Harp Bench w/Leather Cushion - $375

    Questions or concerns? I'm happy to help!
    ron@bbrwoodworks.com or
    call (208)-699-6693