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Guitar Chair w/Storage
Guitar Chair w/Storage
Wooden Guitar Chair with Leather Cushion
Guitar Chair w/Leather
Play your guitar in comfort and style...It's now possible!

How is this possible? Well, it is because my guitar chairs are not factory made in set sizes or styles.

As a musician myself, I know that we are all built differently and all need different things to make us comfortable musically. That is why every guitar chair I build is built to order to fit you! You tell me the height you need and I will do it for you. Email or call me with questions and concerns, and I will answer them!

It is all about comfort for you and beauty to complement your fine guitar.

Just imagine finally being able to sit down on your designated guitar playing chair on 2-3 inches of comfy cushioning and not having your aches and pains on your mind, but instead...creating music!

Not to mention how great your guitar chair will look sitting next to your guitar in your music studio or home.

A Quality Guitar Chair Should Be:

  • Handcrafted to order
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Available in ANY wood you want
  • Available in ANY upholstery you want
  • Custom built in ANY size to fit you (Don't be fooled by companies that only offer three guitar chair heights....My Guitar Chairs give you the EXACT height you need!)
  • Comfortable yet supportive
  • Customizable in design
  • Able to match your guitar (A few different wood and finish choices is NOT good enough! Get what you REALLY want!)
  • Able to conveniently store sheet music, tuners, etc.
  • Affordable
  • Beautiful
  • Guaranteed a lifetime!

Handcrafted Guitar Chair

Place an order for one of my GUITARIST KITS (which includes your choice of Guitar Chair, Guitar Stand and Guitar Footstool) and save $50 off the total amount! Ask me about it!

Please view my Gallery for more guitar chair examples along with other custom pieces I've built.

Guitar Chair Legs
Select from 3 Guitar Chair Leg Designs!
Guitar Chair Aprons
Select from 3 Guitar Chair Apron Designs!

I understand that every guitarist may require a different sized guitar chair, guitar footstool, or guitar stand. That is why I custom build each product to order, taking a great deal of care to ensure that my customers receive the personal attention needed to give them the perfect product to suit their individual needs.

Tell me what you're looking for and I'll do my best to bring it into reality!

Guitar Chair Testimonial

Unsure of your ideal seating height? Height Adjustment Pegs can be added for only $25 to any guitar chair to ease your mind of any uncertainties regarding height!

Height Adjustment Pegs!

Hi Ron,
Whether you call it fun, enjoyment, pleasure, or just plain old love for what you do, I call it really great work! My wife and I both think that your work is done in exceptionally good taste right along with the great quality. I'm pleased to say that not only will I enjoy your work for many years to come. (god be willing) your work will also be enjoyed by my estate long after I've moved on. My wife (cheri) took a look at each side of the new bench and selected her favorite side to face the fron. I'll go with her choice because it's just another way to keep her near even when I'm 1,000's of miles away. If you would ever like to use me as a referral please don't hesitate to do so. It would be my honor to tell the truth of your work to others! Hey, an Ingleism was just born! "enjoy the truth of Ron's work!" Absolutely beautiful work Ron!!! the event that I have failed to make myself perfectly clear. Your work is beautiful & strong!
Always your fan,
Doug - California (2 Walnut Guitar Benches, Footstool, & Guitar Stand)

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Guitar Chair w/Fabric Cushion - $325
Guitar Chair w/Leather Cushion - $375

Questions or concerns? I'm happy to help! or
call (208)-699-6693

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